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When our founder went looking for a skin care line to address the changes in her skin after pregnancy, she realised that she had to look overseas for products that were effective while also not containing irritants and harmful ingredients. Recognising the need for a local line of good skin care, Me First Beauty was born.

Who we are

Skin care is looking after ourselves

Our bodies go through a lot of changes as time progresses. Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and we should care for it the same way we would any other organ – like brushing our teeth in the evening or taking a multivitamin in the morning.

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About Us


We need to look after ourselves

Life is busy and sometimes messy. We don’t always have the energy, time, headspace or capacity to care for ourselves well.

Me First Beauty is about taking you back to those nostalgic childhood afternoons playing in someone’s backyard – when it was okay to announce to everyone that you wanted to have the first go on the tree swing. When you said, ‘Me first.’

In that moment, there was nobody else but you swinging and flying, feeling one with yourself, absolutely content and full of pure joy.

Looking after yourself with an effective skin care routine is self-love and self-care. After all, when your cup is full, you’re better able to look after yourself and care for others.

About Us